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Cubicface is a graphic design agency located in Fukuoka City(Japan) and Taichung City(Taiwan). We founded in 2001 as a private office of Takeshi Nitta as an illustrator, and incorporated it in 2017.

Our main business contents are graphic design of printed materials such as advertisements and booklets, website design for individuals, groups, and companies, illustration production and character design. In addition, we are managing and designing our original character "Vibeke".

Brand slogan

 Smile on Images. We like SMILE very much!!
Laughing not only exhilarating and getting a sense of happiness, but also has a positive effect on both mind and body.
Laughing raises each other's feelings and creates a sense of unity and peace of mind with others.
Creating a SMILE is our greatest mission, which leads to our HAPPINESS.

We will continue to spare no effort to explore and produce, aiming to develop communication tools for as many people as possible to make SMILES that resonate not only with clients but also with the hearts of customers ahead.

Company overview

Trade name cubicface Inc.
  • Head Office
    4-3-15-501 Meinohama-eki minbami, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka city, JAPAN
Date of establishment
    Takeshi NITTA
Job description
  • Planning, design, editing and production of printed materials
  • Planning and production of graphic design, illustration, and package design
  • Character planning and production, merchandising business
  • Planning, planning, production and maintenance of Internet websites and SNS
  • All businesses incidental to the preceding items


SPOON Co., Ltd. / Syncmedia Inc. / Chou chou Co.,Ltd. / Fukuoka City / Fukuoka City Museum etc

And more

Takeshi NITTA

Illustrator, Graphic designer
I was born in Saitama, Japan in December 1978.
I studied graphic design at Kyushu Sangyo University, and became a freelance illustrator after graduation in 2001.I established CUBICFACE INC. in 2017.
Most of my work is built on hand-drawn pen and ink, finished digitally.
I frequently participate in solo and group exhibitions.


* Introductions are in chronological order.
  • MAGAZINE HOUSE : Hanako WEST (2002, No.141)
  • PIA : KANSAI PIA (2002, No.488)
  • MAGAZINE HOUSE : relax (2002, No.65)
  • OP STAGE : KAJIKAJI (2002, No.97)
  • NOVA : NOVARK (2002, No.023)
  • Gakken : Pooka (2005, No.10)
  • Seibundo Shinkosha Publishing : DESIGN NOTE (2006, No.5)
  • NEKO PUBLISHING : Quanto (2007, No.226)
  • GENKOSHA : illustration (2003, No.143),
    FATION ILLUSTRATION FILE (2007), illustration FILE 2008 -digital- ,
    Character FILE 08-09, illustration FILE 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019(all Volume two)
News Paper
  • FM802 : TIME TABLE (Nov. 2002/Mar. 2005)
  • Resona Bank, Limited. : Bank REENAL (Mar. 2005)
  • GUNZE Limited : UNDER (May 2010)
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